Tax planning

Paying taxes is legal, tax savings too! A rolling tax planning is important and protects against unnecessarily high tax bills. Only if the possibilities are discussed at an early stage, suitable tax planning measures can be taken.

Take advantage of the potential as a taxpayer, such as contributions to your occupational pension plan or Pillar 3 a. Tax planning is always possible, but requires corresponding information and groundwork. The tax laws are subject to constant changes. Tax planning is also important because good new investment products always become available on the market. Your situation is our challenge. We support you quickly and cost-efficiently with our many years of experience and the available tools for calculating your tax burden.

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Tax return

One of our core competences is the preparation of your tax return or correction request for source tax. Our services include a package comprised of review of the tax documents, preparation of the tax return, representation towards the tax authorities, checking on the tax assessment, filing objections, etc. We are also available to you when leaving Switzerland. Precisely in this case, it is important that a proper supervision is provided in the final settlement of the tax matters. Smooth processing is the requirement for reasonable costs. We will prepare your tax return with advantageous terms. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tax comparison

With the many investment possibilities, a tax comparison is generally worthwhile. Many new products are often not fully understood. They are exceedingly complicated so that tax problems are not even considered. A timely tax comparison and in-depth clarification protects you against unpleasant surprises. In this field you may benefit from our many years of experience and our network.

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Benefit from our many years of experience with expat tax services to ensure that the tax bill is not an unpleasant surprise.

Subsequent regular tax assessment
We prepare the tax return for expats with a gross income over CHF 120’000 who have to file for subsequent regular tax assessment. It is to consider that the world-wide income and wealth must be reported. Some expats and international commuters may claim additional deductions.

Source tax adjustment
Until tax year 2020, adjustment of the source tax rate may be claimed by taxpayers with a gross income of less than CHF 120’000. Starting with the tax year 2021, it is possible to request taxation based on a tax return. Whether this is beneficial, must be reviewed on an individual basis, however.

Claims for adjustment of the source tax rate are possible for taxpayers who have incurred at least one of the following expenses:

  • debt interest
  • costs associated with illness or accident
  • costs attributable to disability
  • support contributions, alimony payments
  • contributions in recognised forms to dedicated self-provisioning (so-called "Pillar 3a")
  • purchases of absent contribution years in the pension fund (so-called "Pillar 2")
  • effective occupational costs (travel expenses, further training costs and the cost of international weekly commuting)
  • childcare costs
  • support deduction
  • charitable grants, donations

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